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Research areas : Metabolic network analysis | Computational modelling | Simulation of biological systems/networks | Systems and synthetic biology | Metabolic engineering (strain improvement through in silico modelling) | High-performance GPGPU computing for systems biology |


Dr. Karthik's Ph.D. at IISc Bangalore involved the computational analysis of metabolic networks and protein-protein interaction networks in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, for the prediction of potential drug targets. Karthik's post-doctoral research at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, involved the analysis of a complex space of signalling circuits in yeast as well as synthetic logic circuits, for their robustness and evolvability. His research interests are in the areas of computational systems biology and synthetic biology. Some pertinent research problems of interest are the reconstruction of complex biological networks from data on metabolites (metabolomics), RNA transcripts/microarrays (transcriptomics) and proteins (proteomics), and the integration of these data into biological network models. Karthik's lab currently works on modelling and analysis of metabolic networks for applications in metabolic engineering.